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Registration for Verona Youth Hockey is completely online.  For those that registered last year, you will use the same account to register your skater this year.  When you enter into the registration process you will see that your skater is attached to your account.  When completing the registration you must register each skater individually.

For new skaters to Verona Wildcats Youth Hockey Association: Create an account (upper left corner of this page) and use that to complete the registration.  Additionally, VWYH association representatives need  to verify birth certificates and sign the Annotation of Birth Certificate form.  Please contact Mike Bakalars at

Complete the registration process for all hockey players in your family. At the end of the process you will receive an email with a registration confirmation.

For Financial Assistance information go the the Resources tab.

2022-23 Registration Fees

Program Level Total Registration Fees Due at Registration Payment #2 (Due Oct. 15) Payment #3 (Due Dec. 31)
Learn to Play $50 $50
U6 (X-Ice) $400 $150 $125 $25
U8 (Mites) $600 $150 $225 $225
U10 (Squirt) $1,200* $150 $525 $525
U12 (PeeWee) $1,285* $150 $567.50 $567.50
U12 Girls (Mavericks) 1,335* $150 $592.50 $592.50
U14 (Bantam) $1,350* $150 $600 $600
U14 Girls (Mavericks) $1,535* $150 $692.50 $692.50
U18 (Midget) $1,215 $150 $532.50 $532.50

Description of Fees

Total fees include ice time for the season. At the Mite level, one tournament is included in the fees. At the Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, U12 Girls (Mavericks), and U14 Girls (Mavericks) levels, three tournaments are included in registration fees for the season. 

Late registration fee

* If players register after September 4th, $100 total per player at the Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, U12 Girls (Mavericks), and U14 Girls (Mavericks) levels will be added to your payment. ($50 will be charged on October 15, and $50 will be charged on December 31.)


Multi Skater Discount

Families with more than one skater in VWYH or Madison Mavericks at the U6 level or higher will receive multi-skater discounts as outlined below:

  • Oldest skater is full price.
  • Each skater in the family after the oldest skater (not including LTP) will receive a $50 discount off registration fees.

Goalie Discount

Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, U12 Girls (Mavericks), and U14 Girls (Mavericks) players placed on a team as a full-time goalie will receive a $300 discount off registration fees. The discount will be applied through SportsEngine and divided between the October 15th and the December 31st installments.

For questions regarding the REGISTRATION process please contact:

Mike Bakalars

Mike Bakalars


Phone: 608-212-8931

For questions regarding registration fees and PAYMENTS please contact:

Travis Richert


Phone: 608-576-5886

Important Forms For Registration

Mike Bakalars

Mike Bakalars


Phone: 608-212-8931