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Introducing Club CATS!

By Webmaster, 09/27/23, 6:15AM CDT


Expectations of a WildCATS Association Player and Parent 

Each player and parent in Verona Hockey and Madison Mavericks agreed to a code of conduct (CoC). However, the goals of the association go well beyond those minimum expectations. We are developing good character through accountability, teamwork, and sportsmanship—let’s go CATS! 

Fundamental Policies 

The code of conduct contains some fundamental policies that must not be violated. It’s unlawful or unacceptable for players to use alcohol, tobacco, controlled or illegal substances, or to deliberately damage equipment, steal, fight, or show abusive behavior. 

Parents must be SafeSport certified to be with the players on the bench or in the locker room. NEVER be the only adult in a room with a child that is not yours. Learn more at

CATS Culture 

The goal of the association is to develop people before players. The CATS mantra was developed by a group of parents as a standard for us all to remember and rally around. 

Good CHARACTER includes respecting yourself and the people around you. The CoC states that players and their guests should not swear, taunt, make derogatory remarks, or display disrespectful conduct toward players, coaches, or officials on or off the ice. Disciplinary action is largely up to the head coach and may include loss of playing time. 

Players have ACCOUNTABILITY to their team and coaches. They should show up on time to all practices and games and let coaches know if they cannot. Players should give their best effort at all practices and games. 

Players should also be accountable and respectful to themselves! Take care of your bodies. Have a positive attitude. Work hard. Strive to balance school, family, and hockey commitments. 

TEAMWORK includes supporting teammates, who we want to elevate and not put down, and listening to coaches, who dedicate a lot of time and effort to helping the players. 

All of this adds up to good SPORTSMANSHIP! 

Advice to Parents 

It’s important to remember that these are young kids, on developmental teams, with amateur officials, and volunteer coaches. Take it easy on all involved. 

Parents must understand the CoC, reinforce it with their players, and display good sportsmanship themselves. You represent your player, the team, and the Verona community. Violations of the parent expectations may result in warnings, suspension from games, or even expulsion from the association. 

Behavior toward officials has gotten so bad that USA Hockey/WAHA have warned clubs and increased education. The recent trend is damaging to hockey—no officials, no games! We are all accountable for improving this. 

Lastly, hockey players will typically pressure themselves, and it’s important that parents do not add to that pressure. The podcast Our Kids Play Hockey tells parents to simply say, “I love you regardless of what happens out there, have fun, and be a good teammate.” They also suggest keeping the car ride home fun and lighthearted. This can be precious time between you and your player; leave the coaching to the coaches. 

Nominate a deserving player, coach, parent, or community member to be a part of Club CATS!